Why Choose Us

Find trusted small businesses easily that would help you complete your project at a reasonable cost.

Small businesses looking for sub-contracts can easily get one on our platform.

Well documented past performances and reviews can be sent to potential clients outside the quickhire platform.


I have a project

  • 1. Post a job or project for free
  • 2. You will begin to receive proposals from small businesses.
  • 3. You will be able to view past perfpormances and reviews of applicants
  • 4. Chat with with applicants
  • 5. Award your contract and your contractor goes to work.
  • 6. Indicate progress of work on the platform each time a milestone is reached by your contractor.
  • 7. All payment concerns are done outside the platform but we keep every data relating to the project so you can use them as evidence to settle disputes

I want to work

  • 1. Complete your profile
  • 2. Go through the Verification Center checklist
  • 3. Browse through posted projects
  • 4. Apply by sending a proposal to projects you are interested in.
  • 5. If the project owner allows direct contact you can send direct messages to know more about the project
  • 6. Get awarded a contract
  • 7. Get ready to work once you get hired. Deliver high-quality work and earn the agreed amount.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I file a Dispute for my Milestone Payment?

      • In the event of a dispute between our users regarding a payment return or unpaid services. We would provide our users a well-documented data on contract and agreement signed and all chat conversation during the progress of the project. This documents can be used in any court of law in the united states.

    • How do i make payments to contractors?

      • In regards to payments, payments are done outside the platform. The platform only helps keep track of the progress of work when you are satisfied with a milestone reached you pay agreed amount.

    • What fees does QuickHire charge?

      • Registration on the platform is free. To have access to all the features on the platform user would have to pay a one time fee of $50.

    • What is the secret to getting clients?

      • The “secret” isn’t as hard as you think it is. Read the project description, make sure the services you provide suits the project and your review and past performances are good.

    • Can my account be suspended?

      • When a user commits violations. Often these are valid violations, but in some cases, these are just perceived violations. In the latter’s case, the suspension can or will be lifted.

    • Can i ask for reviews from my past clients?

      • Yes, you can these would boost your chances of getting more contracts. Please note a client can only give you one review even if you work for them several times, in this case past performance would count.

    Find the Expert Help You Need Right Now

    • Management Consulting

      Hiring the right customer-centric contractor to support your needs in business administrations, Technology operations support including cyber security, enterprize and cloud. Data analytics such as business analytics and artificial intelligence.

    • Accounting and Staffing

      Hire us to meet all of your company's staffing requirements. To provide detailed financial support in accounting and budget operations

    • Creativity in Web & logo Designs

      Don't know how to create a website? Hire our skilled experts to do the job for you. We will not only build a website but also create a mobile app for you so you may stand out in the market! Need training in website design or logo design or technology support. We offer that too. Call, email or send us a ticket for immediate evaluation and next day support.

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